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Are you tired of working out and not getting the results you desire?

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Get Fit Fast with JJ!

My BRAND NEW Exercise Program That Will Have You in the Shape of Your Life, FAST!

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Here’s exactly what you get with my Get Fit Fast
with JJ program:

  • Sweat! Teleclass Audio Course and Transcript
    This is a comprehensive, in-depth audio course that explains how you should be exercising and why. Over the course of an hour, I give you a jam-packed (but easy to follow) intensive class on exactly how you should be exercising to burn off those unwanted fat pounds quicker, to build lean muscle, to “de-age” you, and yes, even increase your libido (bonus!). You’ll come away with a clear understanding of the RIGHT types of exercise to achieve your goals in record time. No more wasted time and effort doing it the WRONG way!
  • Instructional Exercise Video
    In this video I demonstrate all of the exercises that you will be doing, including bursting (I do it on an X-iser mini stepper) and all of the resistance training moves. It’s as if I’m right there with you doing personal training!
  • Exercise Photos with How-to
    I’ve included full color photos of each and every exercise I teach you with a complete description as well. Good form is critical, so I’ve provided this in addition to the video to be sure you know exactly what to do. Use this as a cheat sheet, or study it while you learn the moves.
  • How to Burst
    Burst training produces amazing results! And it takes very little time, so you can fit it in no matter how busy your schedule. But you have to have to do it right, and I see too many people doing it WRONG. I make sure you don’t fall into that trap, and give you a detailed sample bursting routine that you can follow.
  • How to Resistance Train
    Detailed instructions and guidelines for how to properly resistance train so that you can safely build lean muscle (and burn fat), quickly.
  • Pump It Up! Principles for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout
    13 specific rules that will ensure your workout is doing the most for you, and that you get to where you want to be in the quickest time possible.
  • Physical Readiness Questionnaire (ParQ) Questionnaire
    A simple questionnaire to help you determine if you should check with your doctor before you begin this (or any other) exercise program. It’s important to be safe, so please don’t skip this step. I’ve also included a list of signs and symptoms that indicate you should STOP exercising immediately if you experience them.
  • Recommended Exercise Schedules
    Three different exercise schedules that outline what type of exercise to do each day and where your rest days should be. There’s a schedule here that will work for you no matter what your lifestyle. You can print this out and you’re ready to go – just follow the plan, no thinking involved!
  • Fitness Tracking Journal
    This is a great way to track your daily exercise! The journal organizes all of the resistance training exercises by category that I am going to be teaching you, as well as the burst training and pedometer steps, so that you can easily keep track of what you’re doing daily. Organization is a HUGE help to keeping on track.
  • Understanding Body Composition Testing and How to Test Your Body Fat
    Having a healthy body composition (body fat %) is even more important than just what you weigh. It’s so important to understand this concept and to know how to properly measure your body fat percentage. I explain how to select an appropriate body fat % goal, and how to track your progress. I also address the most common questions and confusions about body fat percentage readings.
  • How to Use a Pedometer
    How to properly use a pedometer to reinforce your daily movement goals.
  • How to Size an Exercise Ball
    Complete instructions for sizing your exercise ball correctly, and how to properly inflate it.
  • Supplements for Better Performance and Results
    Some supplements really do enhance your progress, and some aren’t worth the time. I tell you exactly what you should be taking to enhance and expedite your results.
  • Eating for performance
    The right fuel makes all the difference to how effective and efficient your workouts can be. And, if you eat the wrong things after a workout, you can actually block fat burning! I explain what you should eat and drink before a workout, during a workout, and afterwards to get the most benefit and avoid the common pitfalls. I also explain optimal meal timing throughout the day, and share my “magic plate” - an easy to understand, visual formula so that you know how your meals should be balanced to enhance fat burning and boost metabolism.
  • How Personalized Testing Profiles Can Help You Get More Out of Your Workout
    We’re all individuals, and that goes for our biochemistry too. We each have different needs for different nutrients – whether because of genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, metabolic imbalance, or all of the above. That’s why I offer Personalized Profiles tests that can help you identify exactly what your body needs (and what it doesn’t, so you don’t waste time and money on unneeded supplements). I explain which profile you may need based on your issues and goals.

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Get Fit Fast with JJ

“JJ’s program will work for you whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or just starting out on your personal journey towards optimum health and well being…”

Who does a fitness professional turn to when she needs a mentor and inspiration? Only the best… JJ Virgin!

I found JJ while recovering from a serious personal health issue this past year. Having worked in the industry for over ten years now myself, I was very particular in choosing a program and a coach to help me get back on track.

JJ's has changed the way I train personally and professionally forever. I found JJ to be incredibly knowledgeable in both nutrition and fitness. I was so impressed with the all the supplements, information and resources that were provided in the program by JJ and her associates.

I would highly recommend JJ’s products and services to anyone searching for cutting edge nutritional counseling and fitness instruction that provide results! JJ’s program will work for you whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or just starting out on your personal journey towards optimum health and wellbeing. JJ, thank you for being a fabulous mentor and coach, I look forward to working with you again soon!

- Nancy DiCioccio, MPH

"I wanted to let you know something amazing. I have been doing burst training per your instructions for about 3 months now. (Before this I had been doing endurance training at slower paces for years and years, and you persuaded me this may not help my weight loss efforts.) 

This week I got on my treadmill to just run for a while – just like the old days. To my astonishment, my  old pace of 4.8 seemed ridiculously slow. I increased to 5.5. Too slow! I have increased my base pace to at least 6.4!  Wow!   I am so surprised and so grateful!"

- Tommi Wolfe

“I would recommend J.J.'s program to anyone who is looking for a fun way to lose weight and get healthy!”

I loved doing the bursting exercise! I used to just walk 20 - 30 minutes and found it boring. The bursting was so much fun and the time went by quickly.

I would recommend J.J.'s program to anyone who is looking for a fun way to lose weight and get healthy!

- Kathy Wisniewski

“Each workout is short, focused and easy to understand…. the physical results are starting to show as well!”

For the past 20 years my attitude regarding exercise has been that it is hard and for more coordinated people, too much of a time commitment, confusing, and de-motivating because surely I would just fail again.

In fact, when I began the program with JJ, I was still kicking and screaming because I didn't want to join a gym and spend hours there a day. She laughed. I now have a workout that I can do in my home, a hotel room, or the gym. Incredible flexibility without a house full of equipment.

Each workout is short, focused and easy to understand. And probably most importantly, I feel accomplished and strong each time I finish which makes me want to do it again the next day (note: less kicking and screaming). It certainly does not hurt that the physical results are starting to show as well!

- Bryn Johnson

Get started on the body of your dreams NOW so you'll be ready to hit the parties looking hot this summer!

Get Fit Fast with JJ


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